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Blue Lily, Lily Blue - Maggie Stiefvater

I was looking forward to reading this book so much. I love Maggie and this series was quickly becoming one of my favorites. Unfortunately, the momentum that was built in the first two books just did not carry through to this third book, leaving me underwhelmed and disappointed.

The New villains were not well rounded, developed, or likeable. This was surprising given how amazing the Grey Man and laundry Kavinsky were in The Dream Thieves.

The plot was not easy to follow or well focused, making the book feel like it moved very, very slowly and making it difficult to read. The plot was also a little repetitive, the same points and ‘clues’ discussed and revealed multiple times. There seemed to be a lot of metaphors and implications that I just couldn’t understand.

There was a good bit of character and relationship development, which was nice. I loved the scenes with Gansey and Blue on the phone, and Ronan in this novel is just fantastic. Adam is further developed, but also very frustrating in this third installment. While these old, well-established characters are further developed, the new ones are all but ignored. This is unfortunate because there is a lot of potential.

The ending wasn’t a cliff hanger like in the previous books, but it also didn’t really have any kind of wow factor for me either, which was really disappointing. I’d rather be frustrated that I have to wait another year to resolve a cliff hanger.

This book was not bad by any means, but it is definitely the weakest in the series so far. The plot was hard to follow, slow, and repetitive. The character and relationship development is the highlight of this book. This was just so disappointing to me. I can only hope book four ramps back up the plot and focuses on the hunt while still maintaining and developing the characters.