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Captive (The Blackcoat Rebellion) - Aimée Carter

Captive was filled with very unexpected plot twists, good pacing, and well-maintained suspense throughout the story. I really liked the turn this second book took, and the additional information we gain about Elsewhere. It really helped to round out the world from a completely different perspective.

Unfortunately, the new people Kitty encounters there are mostly two-dimensional. None of them have memorable personalities or anything in particular to distinguish them from one another. The villains are particularly disappointing, given the bar that was set by the true monsters in the first book. Because of the underwhelming supporting cast, I began to really miss the presence of Celia. She was one of my favorites in the first book but plays no part whatsoever in this second installment.

Now that we have been given a perspective of the two extremes of society (upper and lower), I really hope the final installment gives us some insight into the lives of regular people living within the general population.

Overall this was another rather good, suspenseful YA dystopian novel. The plot twists were by far the best part, the characters being the most disappointing. I'd recommend this book to fans of Divergent and other similar YA dystopians.