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Rush - Eve Silver

As someone who isn’t really into video games, particularly first person shooters, I feel like a lot of this book was lost on me. That being said, I think even if I absolutely loved video games I would not have loved this.

The amount of suspension of disbelief this book requires is just too much. The premise is so flimsy. The author does at least try to fill in the gaps and provide some kind of justification for the way things are, but there are still entirely too many holes in the plot to make it believable. This was frustrating for me as a reader because I love getting lost in the story and I just couldn’t do it with this one.

Not only is the plot full of holes, but I never felt like the story was moving toward any real point. The sense of urgency is completely lost. Yeah, there are aliens attacking earth, and the characters worry about it, but the larger focus is on the arguments between Miki and her friends, and the budding romance between Miki and Jackson.

The hot and cold, back and forth crap between Miki and Jackson drove me nuts. They don’t have any connection to begin with, and then to top it all off they alternate between spewing cheesy crap to one another that feels so fake it’s almost painful to read and bickering at one another. It isn’t endearing or cute, and it made me hate both of them.

None of the other characters are developed enough for the reader to feel connected to them. As people died throughout the story, I felt no remorse because I didn’t feel like I really knew a thing about them.

I wish there had been more focus on the world building in this novel, and that the author had paid more mind to ensuring that the reasoning provided for things was believable. Between the lackluster world building and the poorly developed characters, this book was not my thing at all. That being said, I think if you are a reader who adores first person shooter games and aliens, you will love this book.