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The Strange Library - Ted Goossen, Haruki Murakami

I love mysterious, weird, allegorical stories like this one. After I read this, I spent days wondering what it all really meant, what each character represented, and reading reviews where others tried to do the same. The Sheep Man in particular was one of my favorite characters, and for some reason reminded me of Mr. Tumnus from the Narnia books.

I was a little underwhelmed, however, with the pictures included in this book and how they integrated into the story. I was expecting something a bit more fantastical, and I think that the author could have done some really fun and interesting things to enhance the reading experience.

As weird as this story was, I have to say that I will most assuredly think of it each and every time I enter a library now, whether I want to or not. If you like strange, allegorical stories you should go pick up a copy of "The Strange Library". It is sure to make you think and leave you wondering long after the last page has turned.