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Invaded - Melissa Landers

This book was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the first book in this series, “Alienated”, a good bit, but the focus of the first book was definitely more on the romance between Aelyx and Cara rather than any world building or science fiction elements. This second book flips that ratio on its head and focuses far more on the world building on L’eihr and the political issues which would arise from an alliance with an alien race. The relationship between Aelyx and Cara is a mere footnote. Personally, I really liked this change. One of my main frustrations with the first book was the fact that we learn very little about Aelyx’s home planet, their customs, their technology, their government, etc. Many of these questions which arose for me in book one are answered in book two.

I also particularly enjoyed the mystery/conspiracy elements mixed into Cara’s experiences on L’eihr. This, combined with the political and PR issues Aelyx experiences on earth helped to make the plot feel more well rounded and realistic. There are always extremists and opposition to change, and this book showcased that fact nicely.

As for the romance which was present in the first book, it is nowhere to be found. Those who enjoyed the first book solely because of the romance will be sorely disappointed in this second installment. To get your Aelyx/Cara romance fix, try the novella “Until Midnight”, currently free on Amazon. It focuses entirely on their relationship, and it a sweet, short holiday story.

I have really enjoyed this series so far. The author has only signed a book deal for two books, although the ending to this second book is left open to accommodate another sequel. Fingers crossed “Invaded” does well and we are treated to a third and final book soon enough to tie up all the loose ends.