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Obsidian Mirror

The Obsidian Mirror  - Catherine Fisher The Good
  1. The blending of Fae and Time Travel. The beginning of this one was really rough and very confusing (more on that later), and this is one of the first books I've read that even attempted to blend faery and science fiction like time travel. While the execution is not perfect, it is pretty good, especially after about the halfway point. I loved how near the end of the book when all the plot lines are coming together Fisher was able to keep the Fae and the time travel worlds separate and, although there was a lot going on in many different times/places, I didn't feel lost or confused.
  2. Gideon. Gideon is by far the most interesting and well-developed character in the entire story. A young boy tricked by the Fae into leaving his home, now stuck in the woods for all eternity...or is he? The problem is, Gideon has no one to trust, and all his information comes from the faery queen, Summer, who would easily lie to Gideon to keep him. His heartbreaking back story combined with his willingness to help others in the present makes him instantly likable and interesting. I wish there had been more focus on Gideon, because I would gladly sit down and read an entire book just about his story.
  3. Piers and his cats. I loved Piers, his powers, his snarkiness, and his strange attachment to the seven cats that live in Venn's estate. This was a really cute, quirky side story that I felt added a lot of value to Piers without wasting a lot of words or time explaining back story.
  4. The second half. Whether it was the fact that I got invested in the story more or Fisher finally found her groove, the second half of this book is a million times better than the first half. The characters are more logical and the reader, after spending the first 200 pages being completely lost, finally knows what the hell is going on and is able to spend more time enjoying the story.

The Bad
  1. The first half. Jargon, unrecognizable people, places and events that mean nothing until 100 pages later in the story--the first half of the book is FILLED with this stuff, and it makes it very unenjoyable to read. Every time I sat down to continue this one I cringed a little bit; it felt more like work than fun. Thankfully, if you are patient, all that "work" really pays off in the second half, which is absolutely fantastic.

Favorite Quote

"The world is finite. Time isn't. Neither is the universe inside us."

Overall Rating

3.5/5 - The first half of this book is really not very easy to read. It is filled with too many places, people, and too much jargon that the reader doesn't understand. You spend most of your time being confused and trying to figure out what is going on than you do just sitting and enjoying the story. Thankfully, all the work you spend in the first half pays off in the second, when the characters and plot really take off and turn into a unique, interesting book that is non-stop action and suspense until the last page. This book was different because it is the first book I've read that skillfully blended faery mythology with science fiction time travel elements. Really different, and definitely worth a look if it sounds like something you might like!

Thank you to Netgalley.com and Dial for allowing me to review this book! Advanced review copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.