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Mind Games

Mind Games - Kiersten White The Good
  1. The premise. The idea of a girl with perfect intuition being forced to work for an evil company is, at face value, very intriguing. A great idea isn't enough to make a good book, however, and the story itself was less than remarkable.
  2. The ending. While I can definitely say that the ending was surprising, it didn't feel very satisfying or complete. I am getting really tired of these half-stories which are only written to set up the introduction of a trilogy.

The Bad
  1. The slow pace and lack of action. You would think that a book about an assassin-in-training would involve a good bit of action. You would be wrong. We are continually told of the horrible, clever things Fia has done, but are rarely given the privilege of experiencing them first hand. This, combined with the ridiculously slow pace made the book feel entirely too long and drawn out.
  2. The flat characters. None of the characters have any depth to them. While some girls have distinguishing abilities, their personalities and voices throughout the novel are completely interchangeable. Everyone keeps talking about what a crazy monster Fia is, but when reading portions of the book written from her first person perspective, none of those monstrous thoughts and feelings show up. If she is really as horrible as White is trying to make her readers believe, we need to be shown some kind of evidence either through actions or thoughts.
  3. The perfect intuition. I understand that it is Fia's special ability to have flawless instincts, but it makes reading very frustrating when your main character operates entirely on "hunches" and if something "feels right" the entire novel.

Favorite Quote

"Why don't you take a walking tour through rush-hour traffic?"

Overall Rating

2 - The premise for this book had potential, but all enjoyment I could have gotten from the book was killed by its flat characters, slow pace, and lack of action. Needless to say, I won't be sticking around to read what happens next for Fia and Annie.