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Burn Bright - Bethany Frenette

"Burn Bright" suffers from middle-book syndrome for a variety of reasons.  While there is a lot happening, there is no sense of urgency or danger.  This makes the plot drag and all the villains unbelievably underwhelming in spite of several plot twists.


The only character I found myself caring about at all was Drew.  His overwhelming sadness at the loss of his wife, his anger and constant feeling of hopelessness was horribly heartbreaking and moving.  Aside from him, there is a total lack of character development, leaving me totally uninvested and disconnected, particularly Audrey. By the end of the story, I honestly could not have cared less what happened to her.


In addition to a lack of depth, Audrey’s choice time after time to NOT let people know of potential danger is also particularly frustrating. She gets into horrible situations and puts the entire Kin at risk over and over for absolutely no reason.  Her stubbornness and stupidity drove me crazy.


Overall this book was just really not for me and not nearly as good as the first book in the series. I don’t think I am interested enough in where the story or characters are going to pick up any additional books in this series.