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Doctor Who: Fugitive - Tony Lee, Al Davison, Matthew Dow Smith

I got this graphic novel in a pack that is currently on sale at Humble Bundle. I've never read a Doctor Who book, but I was excited to be able to sit in on more adventures with the Tenth Doctor, since he is by far my favorite. This graphic novel did a pretty spot on job with the humor and general demeanor of the Tenth Doctor. Interactions with his companions and reactions to dangerous situations were exactly like something right out of the show. I really liked the fact that, at least in this first volume, we get to see the Doctor companionless. On the show, he is usually followed by a companion or two, which at times can takes away from the focus of the show: the Doctor himself.

The story moved along at a good pace, although there were times when the plot felt a bit flimsy and in need of further explanation. Maybe this is due to the fact that I have not watched all 26 of the original seasons of Doctor Who. Either way, there were times of confusion for me when reading this. Thankfully, this confusion was not so overwhelming as to ruin the story. The only other aspect of this graphic novel that I didn't particularly care for was the art. There were some panels that captured David Tennant's likeness very well, and some that were so poorly sketched out that it took me a bit to figure out who the Doctor even was. That being said, it was nice to spend some more time with "my" Doctor, and I will definitely be continuing reading the rest of the novels.

I'd recommend this series of graphic novels to fans of the Tenth Doctor Who. If you are a hardcore graphic novel reader, you are probably going to be horribly disappointed in the artwork. If you are a hardcore Whovian, you also might be disappointed in the lack of substance of these stories. They are fun, but this first installment does not really offer anything new or groundbreaking. It is, however, a nice, fast, light read for Doctor Who fans looking to gobble up any extra Tenth Doctor tidbits they can find.