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Doctor Who, Vol. 2: Tesseract - Tony Lee, Blair Shedd

This is the second installment of the graphic novel Doctor Who series by Tony Lee, and I must say this was so much better than the first volume. Everything from the art to the plot was taken up a notch.

My issue with the art in the first volume was the fact that well-known characters, such as the Doctor himself, were almost unrecognizable in some panels. In this second installment, this problem is almost entirely resolved. Not only does the artist do a much better job portraying the general look of David Tennant's face, they also have totally nailed many of his most popular expressions. This made the story so much more enjoyable, as it added an extra dimension beyond the text. You can read beyond what the doctor is saying and SEE what he means. Fantastic! Speaking of reading beyond the text, this volume is littered with subtle references to other British authors and David Tennant himself. I saw this as a really clever, hidden treat for devoted Whovians and David Tennant fans alike.

Another unbelievable improvement in this volume is the plot itself. The villain introduced in the first installment is given more depth, personality, and back story. Events tie together more seamlessly and move along at a rather good clip, keeping the reader interested and engaged the entire time. The final few pages set in motion several things that have me dying to read the next volume in this series to find out what happens.

Overall, this was a wonderful improvement over the last volume. I was really impressed with the art and plot improvements, and I think any Doctor Who fan would really enjoy this series.