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Doctor Who: The Ripper (Eleventh Doctor Comics, #1) - Tony Lee, Andrew Currie, Richard  Piers Rayner, Tim Hamilton

Even though I am significantly more fond of the Tenth Doctor than I am the Eleventh Doctor, I have got to say I enjoyed this comic so much more than the Tenth Doctor Comics series. The art was better, the characters were consistent, the stories were funny and interesting. I honestly have not one bad thing to say about this.

The first story is a hilarious spin on "spam" email, filled with laugh out loud characters and situations. My favorite aspect of this story is the helpful, upbeat stapler which constantly follows around Amy, Rory, and the Doctor asking if they need assistance like the beloved/hated Clippy from old school Microsoft Word. The ending was a little cheesy, but the overall story was so good that it didn't bother me one bit.

The second story in this volume is yet another take on "Jack the Ripper". I really liked that the volume mixed a very light-hearted story like the spam emails with a very serious story like the Ripper. The contrast was fantastic and matched the different art styles perfectly. The first story was more traditional comic book art, whereas the art in the "Ripper" story looked almost like water colors. This felt fitting for the story setting, reminding me of old paintings and the past.

The plots and character dialogue of both stories felt consistent with the situations, personalities, and speech patterns from the show, and the art very accurately portrayed their likenesses. The only exception to this would be some panels of Rory, which in my opinion look nothing like him.

Overall this was a nice, quick, diverse collection of Eleventh Doctor stories and art. I loved the contrasting tone and art of the two stories. I hope this is the start of a pattern, and the rest of the comics in this series are just as good!