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Erased - Jennifer Rush

When I read Altered, the first book in this series, I fell in love with the boys almost immediately: Sam, Cas, Nick, and Trev.  The second book makes me love them even more, further developing their personalities and fleshing out their pasts. I was, however, a little disappointed at the balance between them in this book. We get a lot of Sam and Nick but not a lot of Cas or Trev. The fact that Trev is to the side makes sense given what happened in the first book, but Cas needs some spotlight time too!  He seems to be used only as comic relief, never given any real substance.

I liked the way the story unfolded the details of the characters’ pasts in bits and pieces like a mystery being solved. Because their memories have been altered, most of what we learn is given through flashbacks, but luckily these never felt cheesy or overdone.

The novel overall maintains suspense ridiculously well. You are on the edge of your seat every single page wondering what is going to happen. Given that the group is on the run, fights and chases pop up quite a bit, and these action scenes maintain the thrill and danger of the situation consistently every single time.

The big twist at the end I saw coming almost a hundred pages beforehand, which is unfortunate because the the first book hid its secrets so very well, I was expecting the same from this second book. The author tries to show the perspective of the villain, which I appreciate, but I just was not convinced.  I think that is because the overall character of the villain in this book did not feel "done" to me. They lacked too many details to feel real.

Overall this is a solid second installment in the series. I loved getting more information about the characters’ pasts and learning more about their personalities. The big reveal at the end was very underwhelming due to heavy foreshadowing spoiling it early on in the story. The ending sets up the final book without a cliffhanger, and I’ll be picking it up to finish off the series whenever it comes out. I’d recommend this series to fans of thrillers, mysteries, and books about genetically modified people.