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Adventure Time Vol. 3 - Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb

I loved choose your own adventure books as a kid, so when I saw that the first half of this volume was an Adventure Time "Choose Your Own Adventure", I knew I was going to really enjoy it. I liked that there was variety, but there were only a handful of paths so you could easily go back and read all the different possibilities.

The second half of the book was a BMO-centric story. With the help of Marceline, Finn and Jake rescue BMO and all his robot friends from Ewlbo and his big bad computer virus. Being a software engineer, I absolutely loved this. The computer jokes were spot on, and BMO is always my favorite character in the series. He was even more adorable in this volume given that the virus makes him talk like a 1950s gangster. Lumpy Space Princess even makes a cameo which is fitting and hilarious.

I always enjoy reading the Adventure Time graphic novels due to the fun art and the clever dialogue, but this volume is by far my favorite. If you like video game graphic novels like Scott Pilgrim or you love BMO from Adventure Time, you should go grab this third volume of the Adventure Time comics.  It is an instant favorite.