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Soulless - Gail Carriger, Gail Carriger

After reading Carriger’s “Finishing School” series, I thought I would give the adult series set in the same world a try. I am so happy I did.

One of my favorite aspects of Carriger’s books continues to be her unique and quirky characters. Alexia is spunky and outspoken, unwilling to let societal norms dictate how she should live her life. The supporting characters are also very well developed. I love Lord Akeldama’s flair and his interactions with his drone Biffy.

I liked that the romance between Alexia and Lord Maccon develops over time, and while it is a very large focus of the story, it does not completely derail the entire plot. The mystery component of the story is equally strong, although I do wish the villains were slightly more complex and more frightening.

As with the “Finishing School” series, the world building in Soulless was fantastic. The mythology and science associated with the supernatural members of society is fascinating and thoroughly explained. I enjoyed the way Carriger tied the mythology back to historical events, giving an alternate account filled with paranormal and steampunk goodness.

The number of genres mashed up into this tiny story is impressive, yet nothing felt forced and the plot was never congested with unnecessary details. There truly is something for everyone in this book.

Overall I really enjoyed this, and I am so excited to continue reading the series. I hope the characters and world building continue to be the focus, as they are definitely Carriger’s specialty.