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Charm & Strange

Charm & Strange - Stephanie Kuehn I rarely read the blurbs on books, and I derive my list of "to read" books by looking at covers and the reviews on other blogs. That being said, I stupidly went into this thinking it was a retelling of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." I was horribly wrong. I don't normally enjoy contemporary novels, and I definitely do not enjoy reading novels about what people like to call "hard topics". This book was all of these things, and yet the story is so engrossing and heartbreaking that I didn't even mind. I found myself confused for most of the book, only seeing what was really going on when the author beat me over the head with it. I like stories that keep me on my toes and surprise me, even if it was not at all a good surprise in this case.

While the book is fairly short (a little over 200 pages) the journey the reader takes with Win is amazingly powerful and will haunt you long after you are finished reading. The ending, in particular, is enormously impactful. If you like contemporary fiction that messes with your head (similar to "The Ruining" by Anna Collomore), you will enjoy this book immensely.