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All the Truth That's In Me

All the Truth That's in Me - Julie Berry I honestly had no idea what to expect going into this. I pick my books based on other bloggers' reviews/recommendations, and front covers (yes I know it is shameful and I just don't care!). This book was absolutely outside the realm of anything I could have dreamed, and it was unbelievably wonderful. The story is told from second person, which probably would not work for a lot of people, but somehow Berry makes it compelling and immersive. By telling the story from this perspective, Berry allows the reader to get a million times closer to Judith than they ever would have been able to using first person. The result is wonderfully complex, fleshed-out characters that you really connect with. Even the secondary characters and random townspeople are described in such a way that they feel wonderfully lifelike.

The romance in this story is sweet, heartfelt, and built up in a slow, persistent way that keeps the reader guessing and hoping with fingers crossed that everything works out into a happily ever after for all the characters.

I cannot say enough about how amazing this book was. The prose was poignant, unique, and compulsively readable. The story was heartbreaking, hopeful, suspenseful--this book really had it all. If you enjoy poetic, flowery writing, historical fiction, and crying uncontrollably for fictional characters, you should go hunt this book down right now, I promise you won't regret it!