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Enchanted - Alethea Kontis The Good
  1. The Woodcutter family. My gosh these characters were charming. From Monday to Sunday, every sister was unique and endearing, and I loved Trix in particular. His childishness and playful nature are infectious in a ridiculously good way. I thought I would eventually get confused or overwhelmed with the number of siblings, but Kontis does a fantastic job making sure each one has their own voice and personality. I also really loved Thursday the pirate sister, even if she did not play a particularly significant role throughout the story.
  2. The mashups. I adored the way Kontis artfully weaved together a number of different faerie tales. Every time a new one showed up I couldn't help but smirk a little. Glass slippers, beanstalks, spinning straw into gold, damsels living in towers--this one really packs it in.
  3. The strong women. While there is a very Disney-princess feel to this story, unlike the princesses in the theaters the Woodcutter girls are fiercely independent, but unbelievably loyal to the family and friends who mean most to them. I loved this aspect of the story, and felt it made the characters all the more likable.

Overall Rating

3.5/5 - This is basically the YA book equivalent of ABC's "Once Upon a Time" TV show. As someone who loved Disney princesses as a child, I delight at finding ways to continue to enjoy these stories over and over again in new and different ways. The retelling of these cherished tales, combined with a cast of wonderfully endearing characters made this book a really great read. I would recommend this to fans of faerie tales, especially those who enjoy the "Once Upon a Time" show, since it has a very similar feel.