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The Bar Code Prophecy

The Bar Code Prophecy - Suzanne Weyn The Good
  1. The "enemy" point of view. I love love loved the idea of telling the last installment in this trilogy from the point of view of a Global 1 (aka big brother) sympathizer. I hate it when books drum out the idea that everyone on the "other side" is evil, corrupt, and eats babies for lunch. Weyn very skillfully illustrates through her main character choice that sometimes people are just naive and don't know any better.

The Bad
  1. The mineral deposit fiasco. So I know that dystopian books like this are merely speculative fiction and authors are completely free to do whatever they want, but when you start arguing that taking too many minerals out of the Earth is enough to effect the Earth's orbit and gravity, I just cannot wrap my head around something that far-fetched. Many moments throughout the series felt like that, from the genetics to the bar code itself, but this is what pushed me over the edge.
  2. The nano bot tracker. Yet another unbelievable element to this story for me was the use of the nano bot tracker. If you have a tracker in your blood and it is known that it circulates through your bloodstream, wearing a vest that blocks the bot's signal will do NOTHING unless the tracker only circulates in your chest, which is not at all a guarantee.
  3. The plot holes. This book's main issue is that the plot was not examined carefully enough in the editing process. There are just too many holes, including the mineral deposit nonsense, for me to read it and allow myself to get lost in the story. Every time a new plot twist crops up, I find myself being ripped back out of the story for a "what the hell just happened that doesn't make sense" moment.

Overall Rating

2/5 - After reading book two, I was really curious how Weyn was going to have anything to talk about in book three. I should have known better than to be optimistic. I had such high hopes that the plot would keep with the forward momentum of book two and round out the trilogy on a high note. Unfortunately, this book feels very "tacked on" after the fact. The story felt final at the end of book two, why add another? The plot of book three, while interesting because it is told from the point of view of "the other side", feels underdeveloped and suffers from way too many plot holes to be believable.