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My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick Mini Review

I hardly ever read contemporary romance novels, mostly because they are always full of completely unrealistic grand romantic gestures and situations, causing people to have unreachable expectations in their own love lives. I am so happy to say that this book was not like that at all. It is by far the most honest, sweet, true-to-life YA romance novel I have ever read.

What makes this book great is the characters: Tim with his addiction problem, the Garrett house with all its craziness, the romance between Jase and Sam—every little piece of the story feels so real, like I am reading about people who live right down the block. For me, Samantha’s mother Grace was by far the most interesting character. I felt so bad for her, because I know in a way what it is like to be that person who isn’t strong enough to stand up for what is right. The person who lets others push them around. The person who lets everyone tell them who they are and what they believe in, until one day they wake up to find they don’t know the person looking back at them from the bathroom mirror. The way that series of events is told and the way Fitzpatrick shows how Grace’s choices effect those around her is told so skillfully.

Overall, this was really a wonderful story with absolutely amazing characters. My only complaint would be that the beginning felt a little slow, but things picked up very quickly and I was unable to put the book down.