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The Farm

The Farm - Emily McKay The Good
  1. The twist on vampire mythology. McKay took what we know about vampires and flipped it on its head. These vampires don't sparkle; they herd people up and farm them for their blood. This was such an interesting idea, and I really wish there had been more focus on it throughout the book.
  2. Mel. I loved that one of the main characters had autism and that she was given a voice. Mel is not some invalid that needs to be taken care of--she is oftentimes more aware of what is going on than her sister is.

The Bad
  1. The abductura plot. McKay's human farming plot line is wonderful, but it gets muddied by the abductura plot line that is uninteresting and completely unbelievable. I understand this is fiction, but when the characters in the book are even making fun of the story as it unfolds, you know there is something a little off. This book could have been absolutely amazing if McKay had left out this part of the story and focused entirely on the human farming aspect and the Tick disease.
  2. Lily. Lily spends the majority of the book whining, fretting over Mel, and putting herself into unnecessary danger mostly because she is too pig-headed to listen to what anyone tells her. She is one of the most frustrating characters I have encountered in a while.
  3. The pace. The story moved entirely too slowly for me, but that is probably in large part due to the fact that I did not care for Lily or the abductura plot line, which are the main focuses of the book.

Overall Rating

2.5 - I loved the idea of human-farming, territorial vampires. This was such a fresh, unique plot, but it got completely overshadowed by the less interesting abductura plot line. This, combined with Lily's ridiculous level of stubbornness unfortunately ruined what could have otherwise been a fantastic book.