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Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles)

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer The Good
  1. The quotes. At the onset of each "book" within the novel is a quote from the original "Little Red Riding Hood" tale. This helped tie the books together well and was just a very cute way to separate sections of the novel.
  2. The pace. Unlike "Cinder", the first book in this series, "Scarlet" grabbed my attention from the very first page. The action scenes were well-written and the parallel plots came together rather well (if a little predictably). I really could not put this book down, it was so wonderful.
  3. Wolf. I am not one to swoon over fictional characters, but if ever there was a male fictional lead to swoon over, Wolf is it! He's complicated, caring, mysterious, scruffy--the boy's got it all! And his interactions with Scarlet are so sweet and genuine.
  4. Scarlet and her shotgun. Scarlet won my heart from the very beginning when she put the drunks in their place by standing on a bar and ripping TV cables out of the ceiling. She grows more and more likable as the novel progresses--showing off her piloting skills and taking down bad guys with a shotgun. I loved how Meyer skillfully balanced Scarlet's independent, badass side with her sweet, loving side; it gave her character a lot of depth.

The Bad
  1. The Cinder plot line. I loved the plot line in this book involving Scarlet and Wolf. The same can't be said for the continuation of the Cinder plot line from book one. I don't find Cinder likable as a character--she whines a lot and, even when given a ridiculous amount of evidence, takes an inordinate amount of time to come to logical conclusions. On top of that, things always seem to fall a little too neatly into place for her, which is frustrating.

Overall Rating

4.5 - I absolutely loved this book. Wolf and Scarlet were amazing characters; the book had wonderful pace and exciting action scenes from cover to cover. My only issues were with Cinder herself and the plot line revolving around her.