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AM/PM - Amelia Gray Mini Review

This was my first experience with "microfiction", and I have to say that I will be getting my hands on more of this stuff as soon as I possibly can. While at times the very short length of each story (usually a paragraph or two) bothered me and I wanted more, it was still unbelievably impressive how Gray could convey so much in so few words. Over the course of the book, I felt like I really got to know the heart of each of the characters. I felt their happiness. I felt their sadness. I felt their frustration and their joy, and I saw myself in each and every one of them. These kinds of books that hold a mirror up to your life and make you see it for what it truly is are very rare, and I am so glad I picked this up. Poetic, heartbreaking, and at times even funny--you are truly missing out if you don't read this.

Favorite Quote

"Love is intensity with less spectrum, sadness is spectrum with less intensity. Wallace believed in the horizontal nature of pain and the verticality of love."

Overall Rating

4.5/5 - Instant favorite. I loved this so much.