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Altered - Jennifer Rush The Good
  1. The boys.  Trev, Cas, Sam, and Nick all had unique, well-developed personalities that I immediately fell in love with. Their jokes, fights, and overall interactions with one another and Anna were well-written and genuine.
  2. The back-stabbing.  Without giving away one of the most surprising parts of the book, the back-stabbing that occurs in the book truly knocked me off my feet. Once the clues pointing to the betrayal were pointed out, they seemed obvious, but as I was reading I honestly had no suspicions at all as to the loyalty of the characters. VERY well done.
  3. The twists and suspense.  Going along with the back-stabbing, the twists and suspense in the book overall were constructed very well. Even the mystery the group sets out to solve is well laid out and fairly unpredictable.

Overall Rating

4 - Two things made this book absolutely wonderful: amazing characters and a well-constructed, suspenseful, unpredictable plot. I really loved this book and will be picking up the next one in the series as soon as I can get my hands on it!