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The Essence

The Essence - Kimberly Derting The Good
  1. Sabara.  I love the internal struggle Charlie has with Sabara. Sabara's past is wildly interesting, but I wish there was more focus on her. I am hoping the final book will give more insight into the evil queen's past.
  2. The terrorists.  Equality seems all well and good to most people, but every time huge changes happen in a government you are going to have at least a small group of people who don't want change and like things the way they are. The presence of terrorists in the book fighting against what most people would consider wonderful, moral changes being made to a corrupt, oppressive government made the book feel more realistic. I wish there had been more from the terrorist point of view, however. I think that would have been really interesting.
  3. The queens.  I just loved all the quirky queens and empresses Charlie meets at the summit. I hope we see more of them, hopefully even their countries, in the final book.

The Bad
  1. The pace.  The book started and ended well, but the middle felt like it took forever.
  2. Max.  I know Charlie and Max are supposed to be cute and in love, but am I the only person who finds it weird that he kisses a girl who is carrying his grandmother's soul inside her? Way too creepy.

Overall Rating

3.5 - This book was about a thousand times better than its predecessor, mostly because it was a lot more interesting and significantly less confusing. There are still some pace issues in the middle of the story, but overall I enjoyed it a lot. I hope the last book contains more appearances from the various other queens and empresses and more about Sabara, though!