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For Darkness Shows the Stars

For Darkness Shows the Stars - Diana Peterfreund The Good
  1. Religion vs Technology.  The constant war between religious beliefs and new emerging technologies is an issue artfully woven through every aspect of this book. More importantly, I think it's an issue that is particularly relevant for us to consider today (think stem cell research). This argument and the struggles/choices of the characters was interesting and fun, but also thought-provoking.
  2. The romance.  The romance progressed realistically and felt real. There was no instalove, the characters had genuine, heartfelt reasons to be attracted to one another. For those who like YA romance but don't like its predictability will enjoy the love story this author presents (albeit a retelling of a Jane Austen novel).
  3. The emotions.  The character's emotions and their reactions to situations in the novel were very well-written. At the end of the novel I felt like I really knew the characters as people, not just as plot devices.
  4. The choice.  The ultimate choice that Elliot faces at the end of the novel was wonderful. I have not read the original work by Jane Austen, but I am sure it was equally compelling.

Favorite Quote

"As mournful as his last piece had been, it was utterly eclipsed by the melodies reeling off his fiddle now, as if he could exorcise his pain if only he could find the proper chord progression."