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Time Between Us

Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone The Good
  1. No love triangles.  I have gotten so tired of all the YA paranormal romances that feel compelled to insert love triangles I could vomit. Surprise, ladies! Sometimes there is only ONE boy who thinks you are gorgeous and can't live without you.
  2. The concept of free will.  There were some interesting free will issues presented in this book with regards to time travel that I hadn't seen in other books of the same genre, which I really enjoyed.
  3. The repercussions.  Sometimes with time travel you have these completely outrageous cause-and-effect scenarios where someone goes back in time and bumps into someone which causes a horrible genocide in the future or some other ridiculous thing. Not true here. The repercussions for Bennett's "do overs" are realistic but not any less devastating to the characters impacted.
  4. Anna.  It's unfortunate that in many of these YA paranormal romance books you find that the female leads rely on their male counterparts so heavily that without them they're completely worthless. I really liked that Anna wasn't one of these stereotypes. She was strong and kept her head up even when she couldn't rely on Bennett to fix everything for her.

The Bad
  1. Twilight fan fiction.  Tell me if this sounds familiar: Boy is mean to girl. Girl is intrigued by boy's meanness. Girl pursues boy and longs for him in spite of him being a complete jerk. Girl finds out boy has a dark secret. Boy tells girl he is bad for her and she should run far, far away. Girl refuses to listen and does the exact opposite. This is how the beginning of the book goes, and it feels an awful lot like reading Twilight fan fiction. Luckily, this feeling wears off after a while, but the beginning is just way too similar.
  2. The end.  I liked the end, but it was just too convenient. The reasoning behind Anna's choices and why they impacted things the way they did was not explained well. As a result, the ending felt a little like a cop-out.


The book was good and despite its length it read quickly. The characters and plot were interesting, but there wasn't anything particularly unique about it. If you are looking for a good YA romance, this is a wonderful choice, I just wanted more from the book than hugs and kisses.