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And All the Stars

And All the Stars - Andrea K. Höst The Good
  1. The stars.  I loved the imagery of the alien dust causing people's skin to turn into a night sky. Very poetic and creative.
  2. The romantic twist.  Without giving too much away, I'll just say that I liked the plot twist involving romance, though in hind-sight I probably should've seen it coming.
  3. The variety of alien species.  I liked that the aliens had a myriad of different species that all had their own set of powers and weaknesses. Oftentimes when there's an alien invasion in science fiction books you see one bug-eyed green alien and all his brothers. The variety made the invasion seem more realistic.

The Bad
  1. The confusing beginning.  Maybe I was distracted while I was trying to read the beginning, but for the first twenty pages or so I was completely lost. I am not sure if that was the goal, since the narrator would feel disoriented in the situation she is placed, or if it was a result of poor explanation. Either way, I didn't care for it.
  2. The lack of explanations.  Once again, this could've been on purpose since the main characters wouldn't know a lot about the invasion, but the distinct lack of explanation for powers, the presence of the aliens, etc. until over halfway through the book was very very frustrating.
  3. The epilogue.  I tend to dislike epilogues in general, but the epilogue presented in this book reminded me entirely too much of the epilogue to the final Harry Potter book. It isn't enough to imply the future lives of the main characters and leave the reader to speculate--the author has to spell it all out for you in big letters that might was well say AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. I would much rather be kept wondering.

Favorite Quote

"In the future, I'm only rescuing people who faint at the bottom of stairs."