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The Last Princess

The Last Princess - Galaxy Craze The Good
  1. The fast pace. The pace was good, but very fast. Sometimes it felt like I was being rushed through things, especially at the beginning of the book. As a result, I didn't feel like there was a lot of character development and felt no real connection to the narrator.

The Bad
  1. The writing. The concept of this book was good, but the writing was nothing special and felt overly simplistic.
  2. The villains. The villains were entirely too evil and had no redeeming qualities. Maybe I am naive, but I am of the mindset that everyone has something good about them. This made the villains feel very fake and two-dimensional.
  3. The rebellion supporters. All the supporters of the rebellion against the crown are evil to the core. Every so often, the narrator encounters someone who is aiding in the rebellion that is a halfway decent person, but they've always been forced into helping somehow. I felt this was totally unrealistic given the state some people were living in--forced to rummage through trash just to find clothes and food. There had to be part of the rebellion that were good, honest people just trying to rise up and take a better life for themselves. Once again, might just be me being naive.