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Dangerous Boy

Dangerous Boy - Mandy Hubbard The Good
  1. The prologue.  I loved the fact this book had an exciting, action-packed prologue. Because I knew the awful fate of the narrator, it kept me turning pages even faster. It's like when you watch a horror movie and you are constantly yelling at the tv, "No! No, don't go in there!" Really kept me on the edge of my seat in a way that I don't think would have happened without the prologue.
  2. The action scenes.  As mentioned before, the action scenes throughout the book were just really well written. Just the right amount of detail, wonderful descriptions, and good pace made me feel like I was there with Harper the whole time.
  3. The pace and foreshadowing.  Because this is a modern twist on a classic, the reader automatically knows at least a little about the story. With that being said, the amount of foreshadowing within the book wasn't so much that I felt like I knew exactly what was going to happen next, which was a wonderful surprise. The pace was also really great, not rushed at all.

The Bad
  1. The ending.  I have a few pet peeves about endings. Let's say you're reading a book. You get to the next-to-last chapter: some people have died, moved away, had babies, whatever, and the story feels like it has really come to a close--it's over, the last chapter should just be a nice, light wrap up. But then, the author decides that in that final handful of pages to turn your world upside down and completely undo the ending you have already come to accept and understand. Good example of this? Harry Potter: I'm dead but OH WAIT just kidding I'm not. Another good example of this? Dangerous Boy.

Favorite Quote

"Sometimes being strong isn't about keeping people away. Sometimes it's about letting them in."


I really liked this mashup, but could it have been better? Definitely. The writing could have improved slightly and the ending felt like a cop out, but overall it is a good, fast-paced read with wonderful action scenes.