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The Last Dragonslayer: The Chronicles of Kazam, Book 1

The Last Dragonslayer - Jasper Fforde The Good
  1. The world building.  The world-building in this book was wonderful. From the twist on magic to the dragons and Quarkbeasts, Fforde masterfully crafts an entire alternate UK in which I could easily see myself living.
  2. The magic.  The rules involving magic were unique and different, but not in a bad way. In Fforde's world, magic is often hindered or helped by weather, and collective magic is like a big battery that must be recharged. Very inventive, while at the same time not being so different that it is unfamiliar.
  3. The Lobsterhood.  It was so awesome to see the Thursday next Lobsterhood cross over into The Dragonslayer series.
  4. Hector the Transient Moose.  Fforde never disappoints to have at least one quirky, random thing that appears throughout his stories. For The Dragonslayer, Hector the Transient Moose was it. Hector is a lingering spell and randomly appears in various rooms and at various times throughout the novel.

The Bad
  1. The character development.  Unfortunately, so much emphasis is put on the world-building that the character development suffers. The characters are still quirky and interesting, but they definitely lack depth.
  2. The Thursday Next similarities.  Because the characters aren't very deep, Jennifer ends up reading like a younger version of Thursday Next (Fforde's adult series narrator) in a different universe. I like Thursday a lot, but it would have been nice to hear a different voice.

Favorite Quote

"Sorcerers are easily distracted, and letting them drive is about as safe as waving around a chain saw at full throttle in a crowded nightclub."


I always love Fforde's stuff, and this was no exception. His wit and sarcasm shine through brilliantly, and his quirky characters and world building were wonderful.