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Doctor Who, Volume 3: Final Sacrifice - Matthew Dow Smith,  Various,  Tony Lee

The second installment in this series of comic books picked up some pretty good momentum, so I had fairly high hopes that this third installment would just blow me away. Unfortunately, it did not. The stories in this collection didn't really tie together at all. It was more like an anthology, showcasing the doctor drawn by different artists in various situations. This would have been fine, if I liked the style of the majority of the artists, which I did not, or if the plot in the stories had been amazing, which it wasn't. The majority of the art lacked detail, similar to my issues with the first installment in this graphic novel series, and the plot was oftentimes very confusing and flimsy in the majority of the stories included in this collection.

The one thing that I did really appreciate was the fact that this book showcased the villain's perspective rather well, allowing the reader to sympathize. I love it when an author is able to show that villains are really just people, and let them argue their case.

Overall, this was a pretty underwhelming collection of Tenth Doctor Who stories, and I still don't care for the artist who did the majority of the art in this volume. This, combined with the confusingly flimsy plots made this book just really not my thing. Maybe graphic novels are just not for me, or maybe this is just a bad example, who knows. Either way, I will be trudging forward through the rest of the comics included in the bundle I bought. Fingers crossed that I find some gems!